Do you have an excessively gummy smile? Our periodontists offer treatments to remove the excess gum tissue, even out your gum line, and expose more of your tooth crown so that you can enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile.

A “gummy smile” is when too much gum tissue shows above your upper teeth when you smile. There are many factors which can cause a gummy smile, including:

  • Teeth that have not erupted properly and are partially covered by gum tissue
  • Teeth that are small in comparison to the gums due to genetics or wear
  • An upper lip that is too short
  • Gums that are long or enlarged
  • Overgrowth of the upper jaw that makes the gum bulge out

While there are many treatments available for gummy smiles, the procedures offered at our practice include crown lengthening, gingivectomy, and osseous surgery. These treatments may be performed for either health or cosmetic purposes.

  • Crown Lengthening – this procedure trims your gum and bone tissue to reveal more of your tooth structure and improve your appearance.
  • Gingivectomy – this procedure removes gum tissue to even out the gum line. If there is too much bone tissue beneath the gums, they may grow back into their original position.
  • Osseous Surgery – this procedure involves smoothing and reshaping the bone beneath your gum tissue. When performed for a gummy smile, osseous surgery is often performed in conjunction with crown lengthening.

Other possible treatment options include surgical lip repositioning, orthodontic treatment, maxillofacial surgery to reposition the bone and laser periodontal treatments. When you visit our office, we will carefully examine your mouth to determine the cause of your gummy smile, and develop an individualized treatment plan that will meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.

For more information about treatment for gummy smiles in Las Vegas, Nevada, and to schedule a consultation with Drs. David Trylovich, Ryan Gifford, Brian Mantor or Gary Goaslind, please contact our office today at 702-500-1742.