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Patient Testimonials

I was referred to Dr. Gifford by Dr. Hughes and being an ex dental assistant, I am aware of what can go wrong so I was probably a bad patient! I was scared, worried and overly concerned, to say the least. But no matter how annoying I was and how many questions I had, Dr. Gifford and his office staff were always there with untold amounts of patience to support me and inform me and try to put me at ease no matter what my questions and concerns were. And there were many!!!!!

After going back and forth and trying to think of ways out, of which there were none, I finally gave in and gave my trust over to Dr. Gifford and his awesome anesthesiologist. It was by far the BEST decision I made. I sat in the chair and said "I can't believe I'm doing this" but I had made up my mind and I was good with it.

I woke up after the procedure and I was fine. I was happy and I had a beautiful set of teeth after having an "all on four"! placed in my mouth. There was no way I was going to live with a denture! I know the consequences of that and I couldn't do it. Again, I am not sorry. The temporary was great looking and I had no problem smiling! Of course the permanent one was great and even better. I am so happy. And I can never ever say enough about Dr. Gifford. He is so incredibly professional and sweet and kind and informative and patient. And I can tell he cares. His heart is in his work. He's so devoted to what he does. Honestly, I could go on but my point is that it's just the best place to put your trust and your dental health.

I have worked for many dentists and I have also been to a lot of dentists in this town and until Dr. Gifford and my regular dentist, I haven't had very positive experiences. This has been really great. I don't look back and I'm very happy. I can promise that anyone who makes the same decision I did will feel the same!


Doctor Ryan Gifford is my Hero!!! I obtained dental implants at Trylovich, Gifford and Goaslind in July 2013 and it has been truly life-changing. I had lost ten of my upper teeth and chewing had become very difficult. Eating was often a chore and I had to be very picky about what I could chew. I had three different partials in the past and was never able to wear any of them for any length of time. They rubbed my gums, causing discomfort. Also, after only one of two bites of food I had to remove the partial to rinse out the food caught beneath the appliance.


During the initial consultation, Dr. Gifford presented all my options in a clear, understandable manner. He answered all my questions in a manner that left me feeling total confidence in his skills. Even so, on the morning of my surgery, I was so nervous I wanted to bolt out of the office. Doctor Gifford asked why I was nervous and calmly conveyed a message of reassurance. I left his office that day with a temporary dental appliance that enabled me to eat the same evening. There was honestly no pain at all, just a twinge of ache on only two occasions. I was able to widen my dietary choices in a short time. My bone has since grown around the implants and I am ready for my permanent teeth.

The people who work with Dr. Gifford were always so nice to deal with. They were competent, pleasant, and warm- from the office people to the assistants. Also, Dr. Gifford gave me his cell phone number and encouraged me to call ANY time with questions or concerns. I should also mention that to accommodate my schedule, Dr. Gifford performed the initial surgery on his scheduled day off.

I never used to smile open-mouthed because I did not want people to see the gaps in my teeth. Though esthetic benefits were never high on my list of reasons for wanting implants, it is so nice to be able to smile and laugh without worrying about what others will see.

I strongly recommend Dr. Gifford without reserve for anyone considering dental implants. I could not possibly be more pleased with the outcome.


All the staff at Dr. Trylovich’s office are very caring and professional. Dr. Trylovich’s expertise in dental implants made me feel very confident during the procedure. I am very satisfied with the results. My smile has never looked better. Thank you, Dr. Trylovich


Now that my implant surgery is complete, I want to officially thank Dr. Gifford for not causing me any pain that I had contemplated prior to starting the treatment. Not sure how you can extract teeth, scrape bone and insert the implants without any pain. After 40 years of dealing with all types of dental pain, this was not a bad experience. I do hope that all your patients experience the same as I, and don’t need to worry about pain before it even happens.


For quite some time now, I have had a lower partial. I was very skeptical about having dental implants. Dr. Trylovich and his staff made my experience wonderful. It was a breeze. When I arrived at the office, I received just the right amount of medications to help me relax. In fact while the procedure was being done, I fell asleep, but was able to hear, and wake up, when necessary. During the whole procedure I did not have any pain at all. I even got to have chicken noodle soup for lunch. I received pain medications to take home with me, but I was not in any pain, and did not have to take them. I had a very small bruise on the lower right side of my face, but that went away after only 2 days. I was able to take liquids and eat soft foods that night.

It has been 6 months now since the surgery. I am so thrilled I decided to have the surgery. I am able to eat all types of food. I feel so much better with my self-esteem and confidence. I am not afraid to talk. I don’t have any fear of my old partial falling out of my mouth. I smile more frequently now. I even noticed, after 6 months of having my implants in that, I am able to chew my food, thoroughly. When I had the lower partial I used to chew my food a few times and swallow right away. I would suffer a lot from bloating in my stomach, from not chewing my food adequately. My mother even noticed that and asked me “why are you only chewing your food a few times and then swallowing?”

Dr. Trylovich is very knowledgeable in performing this procedure. He’s always there when you need him. One day I called him to ask him a question and he returned my call immediately. His staff is also very caring, friendly professional, and accommodating. I highly recommend this great team of dental professionals.


To the dental implant procrastinator:

I had the All-on-Four dental implant procedure done by Dr. Trylovich at the end of 2010, and my natural anxiety was unwarranted. Unfortunately, it was expensive, but fortunately it was worth every penny. I was referred by my dentist of 30 years, Dr. Sandquist, which made it a little easier going in.

It’s hard to believe that I can say that the end result is better than new, and I am looking forward to the new stronger permanent replacement in a month or two which will uncover even more of my palate. At this point there is nothing I cannot eat, and I will not miss future cavities.

Highly recommend Dr. T and staff.


Dr. Trylovich’s careful preparation prior to surgery made my experience much less stressful. After 4 days, I was totally free of pain and able to continue my normal routine which includes a lot of physical activity.

Due to Dr. Trylovich’s cautious nature he enabled me to experience a full upper denture vs. the All-on-Four procedure. During surgery he recognized that my jaw needed time to properly adjust to the implants before the All-on-Four appliance could be implemented. While the implants healed and integrated into my jaw. I wore a full upper denture for a few months. During this time with a denture it was confirmed that the All-on-Four procedure was the best decision.

I’m able to smile without a thought of my denture coming loose. I talk with confidence now – no fear of tripping on my words.

Eating has taken on a whole new meaning – chewing without worrying that something might break or hurt is worth everything.


As I grew older, my gums on my lower jaw began to flatten because of 40+ years of wearing a lower denture.

I had the good fortune of being recommended to Dr. Gifford, who installed two prosthetic posts into my lower jawbone, which secured my dentures and eliminated the messy adhesive previously required for security.

Again, thanks to the professional skills of Dr. Gifford, my dentures are not only secure and functional, they allow me to chew normally, and feel like natural teeth – not to mention the health and wellness.

I now smile and talk with confidence, as I proudly show them off!!


It was not an easy financial decision to make, but the alternative to the All-on-Four procedure was an upper plate that was totally unacceptable. Not sure of how much of my life span I had left, I was sure that I would wake up hungry every day and I enjoy tasting my food. When I thought of it in that light, the decision became a lot easier. Talking to my dentist, who recommended the procedure. I could not help but be impressed with his glowing recommendation and suggestion that Dr. Trylovich was “the man.”

At my first appointment “Dr. T,” convinced me that not only had I made the right choice of procedures, but found the right guy to do it. From the moment I walked into his office I was made to feel at home. The attention of his caring staff was not only apparent at that time, but the same smiling demeanor and obvious effort to make my adventure incredibly comfortable, was followed throughout the entire experience. Actually, it was a reflection of the man for whom they worked. “Dr. T” left no stone unturned in informing me exactly what he planned to do, how long I could expect to be in the chair, and then, provided me with material necessary to prepare for it all.

I would like to tell you exactly how both the extractions and implants felt, but that’s quite impossible, for it was like I wasn’t there! I do remember being driven home by my wife and remembered too that I was easing her concern over the pain that she was sure I was experiencing. But she was wrong, (one of the few times, I might add). Discomfort? Perhaps a bit in the days that followed, but the pain pills I was prescribed still sit unopened.

It’s been four months now, and my temporary bridge has been no problem. I imagine the healing has about ended and soon I will be fitted for my permanent one. The very thought makes me smile…and what a smile.


I’m here to tell you implants are great. At 67 years old, I had lost 10 teeth. My wisdom teeth were pulled years ago, and I was slowly losing upper molars from back to front. I had lost my ability to chew on the left side of my mouth. The only option, I thought, was dentures. I was wrong.

Implants are another option. Because implants are permanent, and dentures are not, I decided to try the implants. Dr. Gifford placed two implants to replace my upper molars, on the left side. The result was incredible, I could chew again. Since then, I have had another missing tooth replaced with an implant, I am hooked. The procedure is a cake walk, compared to a root canal. The implants even changed the shape of my face, back to normal, no more sunken cheek look. Also, maintenance is as simple as brushing and flossing, not the nightmare of dentures.

I recommend implants to anyone who has lost teeth, or is about too. My quality of life has been exceptionally elevated.


Since I returned from Las Vegas I have tried to write you a thank you note to let you know how much I appreciate what you have done for me.

I may not be completely healed yet, but I feel my smile is so beautiful. What an amazing feeling that is! Your generosity in completing the surgery is more than I had ever hoped for.

I am so privileged to have had the opportunity to be blessed by your talents. I smile just thinking about how much better I feel about my smile.

Senior pictures will be scheduled in a couple weeks. I promise I won’t hesitate to smile! I will send some when I get them from the photographer. Thank you for the beautiful smile you have given.


I was a patient of Dr. Trylovich about 15 years ago. I came with serious gum disease and through the treatments received, I no longer have the disease. There was significant bone loss, however, I still have my teeth today thanks to all of his hard work. I am wondering if it is possible to obtain a copy of my records, or if you would still have them. I moved away from Las Vegas in 1999 and am now in St. Louis which is my hometown. I would appreciate any help you could give me regarding this issue. Thank you for everything!!!


Thank you for the excellent care during my oral surgery. You are an excellent doctor and I appreciate the kindness from your staff.


Thanks so much for your excellent advice and assistance in improving my dental hygiene. Your dedication to getting the job done right and in educating me specifically on what I need to do on a daily basis were very much appreciated.


Thank you so much for taking time to fix my bridge on your day off. It’s so great to know there are still people like you that care about others.


I would like to express my utmost appreciation and satisfaction with Dr. Goaslind and his office/practice staff, who have given me for months only the top excellence in service. The courtesy, the promptness, the readiness, the professionalism by which this practice is ran as the model everyone should aspire to reach. Thank you for everything, it is my privilege to have been your patient!


I would like to express my gratitude for seeing me so promptly for my toothache. The antibiotics you prescribed worked to keep me pain-free. Thank you for saving my vacation in Las Vegas.


You recently recommended an extensive treatment plan to remedy my periodontal issues. Prior to my consultation with you, two other dentists informed me that I will require major cosmetic restoration that will take as much as two years to complete and be extremely costly. The course of action you prescribed eliminated the major restoration that others led me to believe was my only choice of treatment. Your reputation as the very best Periodontist and specialist in Las Vegas is what brought me to your office. I was able to locate you due to your fantastic reputation and was able to take advantage of your highly advanced skills, training and experience.

I have just completed the plan prescribed by you with your hygienist, Shelly. I can’t give Shelly a higher recommendation. She is a true professional, has wonderful chair-side manner, is meticulous in her work. Shelly provides details to the patient of exactly what she is doing, puts her patients at ease and is tops in her profession. You should be proud to have her as a member of your team.


Thank you so much for my painless procedure yesterday. You and the “la la land” potion have taken away my fear of having done what needs to be done to save what is left of my teeth. I was not told if I was a cheap or expensive date, but I think cheap since I didn’t remember anything after. Kim said some patients thought the blinds went up and down I vaguely remember open wide but that’s about it and no pain. I will not be nervous or fearful of the up coming implants, gum graft or deep cleanings (as long as the “la la land” potion is the same). See, you can cure nervousness. Thank you and Kim for a pleasant dental visit. I am sure some people would call that an oxymoron.


What a fantastic procedure you performed to remove the unsightly growth on the gum line above my front tooth. Thank goodness I was finally referred to you after two dentists and an oral surgeon affirmed they were unable to do anything about the growth, except to say it needed to be removed as it was getting larger. You removed the growth and the painless procedure took less than a half hour, with dissolving stitches leaving no scarring, only a healthy gum line. After waiting eight long years Dr. Goaslind, you have given me a pleasing and delightful smile once again. I will be forever grateful for your adroit expertise. I would also like to compliment you, Dr. Goaslind of my observation of your soft spoken mannerism and politeness used with your assistants when requesting and instrument…. It was “please hand me” every time. It is quite obvious it is a pleasurable atmosphere you have given your staff to work in every day. It left me greatly impressed and I have told many friends and family of the pleasant experience. Again, my sincerest thanks for a beautiful procedure well done.


Thank you again for your understanding of my financial situation. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated it. Your thoughtfulness has saved my teeth. May the lord bless and reward you for your generosity.


I wanted to take a moment to say Thank you for your kind words of inspiration. I have been struggling lately with all the stress in my life and your care helped me realize that I had to let go and trust God! I hope life is treating you well.


I want to send you a heartfelt thank you to you and your staff. You were so kind and attentive to me and I was very impressed.

You were very professional and thorough and yet, took the time to explain and offer me options regarding the treatment of my tooth.

The crowning detail was that you gave me your best while, not creating a financial hardship for me. I definitely will recommend you should I have the opportunity.


Thank you for your professional, expert opinion on my implant. I was worried and you explained and showed me other options. My husband and I were so pleased. Thank you again!


I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the wonderful care and treatment I received during my recent surgery. Dr. Gifford your dental touch and skillful dentistry makes you a credit to your profession. Thank you also for your personal follow up call. It meant a lot. Your kind staff and well run office has made each visit a pleasure. I will recommend you at every opportunity.


Thank you very much for giving me your kindness, patience, and expertise as you responded to my needs and concerns. Your staff, especially Cathy, have also been very helpful.

As I transition over to Dr. Matthew Weaver, I want to also thank you for the recommendation and for initiating the reduced fee. That was totally unexpected and I am very grateful.

May God bless you in all of your endeavors.


I had a nice upper bridge that lasted for 16 years.

I lost the anchor teeth that held the bridge. I investigated and discussed all the options available with Dr. Trylovich over the course of a year and decided that the All-on-Four procedure would be the way to go for me because then I would not have a removable denture.

Dr. Trylovich did the extractions and the implant preparations at one time.

After healing for several months with a temporary denture I went back for the implants and more healing time again with the temporary denture.

After Dr. Trylovich installed the permanent denture to the implants I was in Heaven… I could again immediately enjoy all the foods I had missed and I felt and looked normal again.

I started this at age 78, two years ago, and luckily had no trouble healing and am now preparing to do my lower teeth. I understand that the procedure is even more streamlined, faster and less expensive. I would recommend the All-on-Four to everyone.


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