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The Progression of Bone Loss

Teeth are important to your oral health. Without their stimulation, the jaw bone will slowly deteriorate and make wearing a denture uncomfortable and unstable.

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Greater Comfort and Quality of Life

Implants vs. Dentures

Many patients who initially opted for removable dentures have switched to dental implants with positive results. Implants feel and respond like natural teeth, allowing for more natural eating and eliminating embarrassing moments when dentures may have slipped or clicked.

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Dental Implants in Las Vegas & Henderson Offer Low Maintenance Denture Alternatives

At one point in time, dentures were the primary way most people with missing teeth were able to restore their smiles. However, as times have changed and technology has moved forward, the dental implant has begun to take precedence as the preferred treatment method over dentures. In fact, when applicable, Dr. David J. Trylovich, Dr. Ryan S. Gifford, Dr. Brian P. Mantor, and Dr. Gary D. Goaslind recommend dental implants instead of dentures and other replacement options.

Advantages of Dental Implants over Dentures

If you have considered getting dentures in Las Vegas, you are not alone. Many people have to make the choice between dentures and dental implant treatments. Below are some of the benefits of opting for dental implants instead of dentures:

Dental implants look and act like natural teeth
This means they do not have to be removed at any point in time. Not only does this save time and money, but it also means that they cannot be lost.
Dental implants require no special diet
Patients who wear dentures often avoid certain foods for fear of dentures slipping, or of food getting caught underneath the denture surface. Dental implants will not move out of place thanks to their innovative design and advanced materials.
Dental implants will not affect speech
Because of the movement that occurs with some dentures, patients will complain of a “whistling” or “clicking” sound when they talk. A dental implant is rooted into your jaw bone, which means it only enhances speech, not detracts from it.
Dental implants help patients avoid further oral complications
A dental implant can “massage” the gum tissues and bone surrounding the area where the artificial tooth has been surgically implanted. This helps prevent further bone loss at the sight. Additionally, implants maintain the positioning of surrounding teeth, which have a tendency to drift into open spaces left by missing teeth.

Before you decide that you absolutely need dentures in Las Vegas, give Dr. Trylovich, Dr. Gifford, Dr. Mantor, and Dr. Goaslind a call. You deserve to make the most informed decisions possible when it comes to the health of your mouth.

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Interested in Dental Implants?

Dental implants allow people to enjoy all the benefits of having a complete smile without the worry of removable dentures or other dental devices. Best of all, as a tooth replacement method, dental implant surgery is simple to understand and can be quite cost effective in the long run.

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